How to clean shakespeare spinning reel

to get teh best performance out of any reel You may clean, degrease and re-grease or re-lube the all parts of the bearing. Shakespeare & Pflueger Album Page 6 . So make sure to take care of the underside of the spool because salt and sand can get into there too. alpha. Ocean Brawla Combo. 99 salmon, bluegills and walleyes, this is the perfect reel to use. model # a150b a180b alpha20b alpha25b alpha30b alpha35b alpha40b alpha50b alpha60b alpha70b alpha80b alpha100 alpha20 alpha50 Thank you for choosing a new Shakespeare product. Allow the reel to dry completely before continuing. Reel Parts. Cleaning fishing reel isn't rocket science, and if you do it once a year, it will add years to the life of your reel. Please note: The items you view on this website are 265. You may as well lubricate the line roller bearing and handle knob while you are at it. Once your trip is over, it is important to do a more thorough cleaning. The spool turns when you cast, however, and can entangle the line if not properly adjusted. Wipe off any excess spray with cloth or Vintage Shakespeare 2062 NL-2 Fishing Reel Made in USA Red #F11. Catching Some AIR, Bearings with HedgeHog Studio. Write Review. • Filling the reel with line-Thread the line through the line guide and around the spool. Main  Tools and cleaning materials rec- ommended to service reel. How to take apart, clean, and service the typical Shakespeare 1774 Spincast reel. Repair Guides. There is only one way to properly service and repair your fishing reel - completely break it down, thoroughly clean and inspect every single part, and put the fishing reel back together again using the highest quality lubricants and OEM parts. Before the cleaning, you’ll need to pull out the washers and lay out them. Both the Shakespeare and Peen reels feature a single ball bearing on the pinion, and both are relatively easy to disassemble, clean and repair. The 2090 was made from about 1959 to 1966. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish USCATSP50 00 (322. Many times it is due to the breakdown within the locking mechanism. Use a cotton swab to “feel” if the line roller bearing or bushing needs to be replaced. I have the above reel that I use for crappie fishing. This video will show you how. Need a manual for your Shakespeare Synergy Fishing Reel? Below you can view and download the PDF manual for free. Reel Care-It is essential that a fishing reel be kept well oiled and greased. 4. Price: $24. Brand: Shakespeare. We recommend cleaning your fishing reel after every 5 to 10 fishing trips. Thoroughly hose down your fishing reel and rod with fresh water to remove all traces of the soap suds and then dry off with a clean towel or allow to air dry. If we can be of any help in assisting you, please give us a call 604-855-119 or shoot us an email. Return this item for free. Step-by-step instructions for cleaning a fishing reel Remove the line spool. It has many years of fishing left in it . Ultrasonic cleaning and repair of all fishing reels, fishing rods and Beaver Dam Tip-ups. 1896 – William Shakespeare, Jr. For the grease there are just a few spots that will need to be greased. To keep these reels from backlashing, I recommend you put your thumb on the spool before your casting weight hits the ground. Few topics fuel the collective curiosity of our superTTuning crowd as fervently as the discussion of bearings. Step 4: Tie the mono backing to the braid. They will not be as light and as sensitive as more expensive rods, but will do the job. Most spinning reels are constructed pretty much the same way, so the procedure and interior mechanism is basically the same from reel to reel. Depending on your fishing reel, you can either simply remove the spool for fly reels or remove a standard screw for casting and spinning reels to access the interior components. It After a while, no amount of cleaning will keep a reel from needing some professional help. The felt ones we’ll use for maintenance. In Stock, 25+ available. Shimano® reels come with Ban- tam™ Oil. 2019 Before digging into the specifics of how to clean and maintain different types of fishing reels, it might be wise to devote a few minutes to  Shakespeare GX235 - Fishing Reels; shakespeare gx235 reel Shakespeare GX235 4-Bearing How To Clean A Spinning Real (Basic; shakespeare gx235 reel  Repair / Cleaning Fees: $20 spinning / fly reels $25 bait cast Below you can find all models Shakespeare Fishing Reels for which we have manuals  7 ago. Share. I've been careful to avoid over-cleaning the reel, just knocked off the really loose gunk. Fishing line spools off quickly allow-ing longer casts. Visually, it’s near the spring bail or thumb button. Attached is a Centaure French-made spinning reel that is taped to the rod for a warmer grip in cold weather. Pull the spool with fishing line off the reel spindle and set In general, cleaning fluids used to clean reel parts by hand may be used safely in sonic baths. I was taking apart my reel to clean it and as i was taking off the nail the spring shot out before i had a chance to see how it was placed originally. For many anglers cleaning their fishing reel seems like to daunting a task to undertake, but in this article I'm going to provide you with simple direction for accomplishing the task. + shipping + shipping. This prevents water entering into the drags washers and causing them to get soggy. Again, don’t forget to use a wet rag to apply tension on the line as you’re reeling it in. Thoroughly clean any old grease and build from as much of the interior as possible. Testers appreciated the comfort offered by the Winn grip knob—another example of the close attention to detail this build exhibits. For example, I clean my reels once a year and I've had some of them for over ten years, and Prepare Reel. It also prevents the line from accumulating the cleaning agent, grease or oil and leaving a trail in the water after Hey folks,Question for you. 3099. Starting from the tip of your pole, thread the string through each eye. I personally do it every about 60 or 70 hours of actively fishing a reel, which would generally be 6 to 8 fishing days. Despite the fact many of today’s reels come equipped with adequate enough components to get our casting and retrieving Spinning reels are designed to hang down from the rod, not rest above it like spincasting and baitcasting reels are. Of course, if it needs any parts they are in addition to the labor. After spraying reel  Shakespeare GXL30 Spinning Reel De Pesca-Rosa/Negro-Interruptor de Mano Izquierda/derecha. Despite these perks, however, any spinning reel can be rendered useless if the fishing line is not spooled properly from the start. Vintage Shakespeare 2062 Spinning Reel. They have a huge amount of online schematics as well! At that point you may as well clean out the inside of the reel and re grease it. Apply a thin coat of the cleaning oil to these threads. After spraying reel parts, Thornburn scrubs them with a toothbrush. It’s important that you keep them in the proper order. Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reels with Full Metal Body 13+1 Ball Bearings for Boat Rock Freshwater Saltwater Fishing. While spinning reels operate on the same basic principles, each manufacturer/model may be different than what is found on my particular Daiwas. Apply some solvent, wipe clean and dry. Repair parts for the Shakespeare reels are tougher to find, although there are a couple of Ebay venders who have Shakespeare parts. 22 SHAKESPEARE 2052 CLEAN ULTRALIGHT WORKS PERFECTLY  Videos · Videos for related products · How to Pick a Fishing Reel - Spinning vs Baitcaster · Videos for related products · FIVE YEARS LATER the KastKing ROVER  16 jul. 3 When All is Said and Done. The reel was extremely well made and considered one of Shakespeare's finest reels. $11. A rusted or However, it does look as though I have enough good parts between two or three reels of the same model to get one good reel in a couple of instances. Look at the Grease reviews section for most popular grease available on the market for spinning reels. Examples include water, soapy water, vinegar, etc. Turn around is approximately a week. Flattie Fighta Combo. 1 Saltwater Usage. A spring (which was tackled on the anti reverse issue with the Shakespeare fishing reel example above) that isn't inspected regularly may result in loose spools. The stainless steel ball bearings are designed to be strong and smooth In 1896, in the city of Kalamazoo (Michigan, USA), the 27-year-old fisherman William Shakespeare developed a completely new fishing reel in design and functional characteristics and on October 5, 1897, received his first patent for his invention, which can be safely called the progenitor of modern fishing reels. When I am completely done and happy with the results, I will take a clean towel and wipe the entire reels down, and Picked up a Shakespeare 1725 Spin Wondereel the other day in really nice condition. 2 ago. However, soak bearings in a separate solution to keep them free from grime. Therefore, we guide you  12 abr. We are confident that you . The easiest way to set the drag on a spinning reel or spincast reel is to first test it by using your hand* to pull on your line directly above the reel. , an avid fisherman of 27 years, wanted to improve on existing fishing reels so he came up with a device for winding fishing line evenly back on the spool. Salt accumulations will easily dissolve and run off the reel without having to resort to a harsh spray. The 2071 is a bigger, heavier reel. Dirt and grime wi Cleaned the muck and sand out of it and and oiled & serviced it Note : I do not get paid by any companies to show any products on my videos As with other fishing gear, constant maintenance and cleaning needs to be done on fishing reels for these gear to work properly. Jetty Monsta Combo. 6. lews. Start by expelling the spinning reel from the angling pole bar. Harsh water baths cause the salt and water to be forced inside of the reel, where it stays; accelerating malfunctioning. Fishing line. The search bar is the fastest way to find what you're looking for! We also highly recommend our friends at ReelSchematic. Fill a bucket with warm water and grab yourself a clean rag to put in it. 1. USTUFFSP30. The smooth ball bearing drive and tough drag makes the Alpha the best value for anglers of all skill levels. 6 out of 5 stars 1,427 $24. TG-FI Rocket Reels. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Bestsellers Latest Arrivals Name (A to Z) Name (Z to A) Collectable vintage boxed shakespeare 2002GG spinning reel in very nice clean condition and excellent working order the box is a bit tatty but the reel is very clean ready to use or display ideal for the collector or beginner / child learning to fish Reel Repair. Keeping reels clean helps prevent costly Inspect and clean line roller assem-bly. Fishing Reel Repairs, Parts & Cleaning Service Fishing Reel Repairs, Parts & Cleaning Service 2. Step 3: Clean All Reel Parts Thoroughly. This is an important part of the reel mechanism. Everything about this black-and-white photograph is vintage 1950s. Shakespeare & Pflueger Album Page 1 . Step 2: Clean Reel of any Dirt and Saltwater. Step #7: Make sure all the screws on your reel are tight premature wear on fishing line. The guides of this type of shakespeare spinning reels. ; Tighten the drag on your spinning wheel by turning the front drag adjustment button a few clicks to the right if the line pulls out too easily. The Tidewater Levelwind Reel features one ball bearing and a graphite spool. You can get that off the manufacturer's website usually but they should come with the reel. The Shakespeare spinning reels from this era were well made reels. Call Dave at 262. Shakespeare Fishing and Pflueger Fishing are now owned by Pure Fishing. 19 feb. 2020 Gently rinse each reel to remove salt particles. 0:1 Gear Ratio, 4+1 Ball Bearings. How To Spool A Spinning Reel: A Beginner’s First Steps Learning how to spool a spinning reel is likely the first thing you’ll need to learn about fishing. Is it worth having it repaired or should I donate it to the local repair shop for parts. Your goal is to remove as much residue on the parts as possible. Each reel is a little different, but the basics are the same. We service all major brands such as Shimano, Okuma, Daiwa, Penn, Shakespeare, Abu Garcia, Mitchell, Zebco, Quantum, Pflueger, Van Staal, etc… Repair / Cleaning Fees: $20 spinning / fly reels $25 bait cast / conventional / level wind / line counter reels $40 for ocean reels. If your lantern is no longer holding pressure in the tank then it is likely that the pump has become worn and will need to be replaced. My gear really gets hammered during salmon and steelhead seasons…when I’m using a lot of eggs. They are perhaps the most commonly used type of fishing reel, and anglers of all skill levels use them to target big and small fish alike. A great nostalgic deal ! Favorite Fishing Lit Baitcasting Reel. + shipping. This reel is able to cast lighter baits and lures. Hotrod Combo. Check If the bearing has any noise or friction with difficulty in turning freely. Can you tell me how to disassemble it? Thanks. To simplify the reassembly, place the reel's parts into an egg carton in the order they are removed. Snap swivel. Fishing Rod And Reel Cleaning Materials A bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels won’t cut it when it comes to cleaning your rod, so you need to get the right tools and materials on hand. Fishing Reel, Tolling Motor and Downrigger Schematics Schematics. The reel should also hang below the rod, and if right handed, the handle should be on the left side of the reel. The DC indicates it was first made in 1978 Shakespeare Ugly Stik Balance II Spinning Combo How to fix a bail spring on a Shakespeare cspk20. 18/240 0. Before you start cleaning your fishing reel, you need to understand a few things. Bearings and gears wear; there’s no way around it. Raise the wire bail around the spool 90 degrees until it locks in the upright position. If for some reason, a reel is not working, parts are missing or broken, I will try and find a replacement part on ebay, IF the reel is worth the trouble. More. $59. Shakespeare & Pflueger Parts. Product DetailsShakespeare Micro Series Spinning Rods offer sleek cosmetics and are perfect for all types of ultra-light and light fishing. Keep in mind that this is not meant to be an authoritative manual on reel maintenance. Never spray your spinning reels from the underside of the reel (if you hose off your spinning reel, make sure to hose it off from the top of the reel so the water has less of a chance of getting inside) Now that we How do you disassemble a Shakespeare reel? Items you will need. Spinning reel hard to turn. It's important to have a clean and well-lit work area. Close the bail. As a part of the general maintenance I use WD-40, lightly spraying it around the sides of the reel, the handle and on the runners and line guides. All work is guaranteed. 99. Before you break the fishing reel into parts, make sure you have all the cleaning agents and tools ready and near you. How to clean your spinning reel, and add years to it’s life. Shakespeare 2052 DC spinning reel in Mint- condition in the box with instruction booklet The Shakespeare 2052 spinning reel first appeared in its catalog in 1966 and was last offered in their catalog in 1975. A few scuffs , very clean , mechanically sound . com. How To Fill A Spinning Reel With Monofilament Or Braided Line. Clean the reel as indicated above. A wipe-down after each use is recommended. After the saltwater and saltwater residue is rinsed from the reel, use a clean dry cloth to remove the excess water from the reel and spool. It is made out of metal and it is sold individually. Amphibian Combo. Use this time frame as a rough guide and adjust according to your specifics. Besides a little push-button children’s rod, a spinning rod is more often than not the first thing any angler will use to catch a fish. Baitcast Baitcast tackle is suitable for all types of fish and fishing. Next rinse the entire reel again with a gentle spray and let them air dry or Open and close the bail several times to work in the oil. Repair / Cleaning Fees: $20 spinning / fly reels $25 bait cast  Just like you did with the felt washers, brush the dirt off with a soft brush, apply a good spinning reel solvent and clean the surface by gently rubbing  23 ago. 2012 He applies the alcohol with a pump spray bottle. Complete reel cleaning and tuning, and proper lubricating is our specialty that keeps our customers satisfied. Simply a place to discuss fishing gear. This is probably the most difficult task in this tutorial as fishing reels are particularly long and even longer when it's a deep sea fishing reel. When using Crystal Simple Green, he rinses the parts with water. I was cleaning my old Shakespeare open face reel and the bail arm was plastic Step 1 Unwind the Reel. I guess it to be from the mid 70's era . We can repair and tune other name-brand reels as well. 2020 Learn how to clean and look after your spinning reel with our handy Saltwater fishing reels are likely to experience more wear and tear  shakespeare spinning reel parts, A selection of fishing reels and the tools, lubricants and parts to repair and maintain them. These popular fishing reels are easy to master and are great for lightweight lures and tackle. Use a common knot . Wind the reel a few times and then you are super smooth. If you’re worried about getting your fishing reel clean, we’ve got you covered. dependable service, but as with all precision instruments, some care is required. 2 Cleaning the Internal Components of the Spinning Reel. Disassemble the reel as much as possible by removing all screws. $83. Clean exterior of reel with cotton swabs and isopropyl rubbing alco-hol. Properly washing your Spinning Reel after each fishing trip will help to minimise corrosion and ensure your reel lasts as long as possible. Use cotton swabs to remove grime from crevices, and apply a few Hey folks,Question for you. There are also frequently asked questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to optimally use your product. by Bill Laney. Before getting into the internal components of your saltwater fishing reel you should first clean off the outside of any debris and saltwater. Spinning reels are currently the most popular of all types of fishing reels, and are used extensively by newbies and experienced fishermen alike. Comes with box and papers too. The kit comes with a 30 size, single-bearing spinning reel that Shakespeare Alpha Spinning Size 20 Fishing Reel. See the instructions below for the use and care of your new reel. Manual Shakespeare Synergy Fishing Reel. The first order of business will be removing the spinning reel from it’s rod and using a couple of paper towels to wipe it off completely. 8k). STEP 2: Remove the Housing Cap of the Reel. We clean all the old grease and oil from the reel parts. Once you get your spinning reel disassembled, use a toothbrush and Simple Green to clean each part. Plus it was probably about time for a line re-spool job anyway. Abu Garcia MaxToro Low Profile Baitcasting Reel. I tried to just common sense it back together but now the bail action is so tight I can DanKub: Vale, It really has depended on what the reel is (how many parts need to be taken apart), how bad the reel needs cleaning. If fishing with one, put your thumb on the spool to stop the cast before your bait hits the water. After that, pull the spool out and just like before, put one drop on the bearing. 1 Grease the Gears and Oil the Bearings. Share this: KastKing Brutus Spinning Reel, Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reels, Graphite Frame, CNC Aluminum Spool, 5. Though fishing reels are complex mechanisms, many repairs are well within the scope of an owner with the right tools, a bit of common sense and a basic understanding of gears, 1 How to Clean a Spinning Reel Properly. all depends on the water im fishing. A mild solution of water and detergent will also help to remove some tougher grease and grime. Most reels have a series of washers in the drag system. com This spring is sourced directly from the original equipment manufacturer for use with Shakespeare fishing reels. Wipe to remove dirt, debris or excess oil. Most modern reels have this feature often located at the side of the fishing reel. Basic knowledge of a spinning reel is needed for this fix, due to this guide being a replacement of the reel’s bail spring. The spinning reel grease has a different viscosity than the baitcasting grease. i clean my reels on a need to clean basis . Here are some suggestions to “de-stinkify” your fishing stuff: Rods & Reels. Unscrew the drag knob at the top of the spool, and remove the spool from the spinning reel. Seller 99. Wild Series Combo. Just follow a few steps to switch your reel handle from the left side (for right-handed casters) to the right side (for left-handed casters). Reel Cleaning Basics. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges. However, if you want your reels to perform optimally, you must regularly clean and maintain your fishing equipment. To get the most out of your fishing reels, it's important to keep your reels clean. will enjoy years of great performance from this reel. 97. 108k members in the Fishing_Gear community. Favorite Bass: Largemouth. 582. Larger reels like 4/0 are $20 for cleaning, and the big daddy reels like Penn International 80tw are $25 for cleaning. Even though we use a specific brand of spinning reel (Mitchell 300), the same methods apply to all spinning reels with a bail arm. Also view the frequenty asked questions at the bottom of the page for useful tips about your product. Wipe off any excess spray with cloth or Manual Shakespeare Synergy Fishing Reel. 99 $ 24 . Unfortunately there’s no one magic bullet that you can use to clean everything but I have found a handful of products that get the job done very nicely. Attach the string to your reel. Take your time. If you use a regular overhand square knot, pass the end through twice instead of just once – it will help keep the line tight on the spool. The Shakespeare® Complete Telescopic Spinning Combo is ideal for the beginner or recreational angler who wants a travel-friendly outfit with everything they need to get started. 68. . I’m not very good at blogs but I promised Skip and a new member Voley that I would do a take apart to service tutorial for these reels. Need to fix your 2235RA Old Durango Reel? Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. Product Attributes: brand=shakespeare, model=shakespeare agility spin reel, reel type=spinning, fishing type=freshwater fishing or saltwater, fish species=multi, hand retrieve=right or left-handed, country/region of manufacture=china, dexterity=right or left-handed, country of manufacture=china, sku=3724150414255183, mpn=agl835, types=reel spin reels Answer (1 of 6): Shakespeare rods are generally toward the lower end of the price range but offer decent performance. They are extremely versatile, and can be adapted to almost any kind of fishing. One of the things that should be done every year is to clean your fishing reels. Made with aluminum construction and stainless-steel ball bearings, Ugly Stik reels are meant to stand up to the toughest of fights. Su diseño fácil de usar es ideal para todos, desde principiantes hasta profesionales experimentados. Make sure your reel is clean and in good working order. Saltwater is a spinning reel’s main foe, took after nearly by soil or sand. This is a Shakespeare 2171 reel that is used in Very Good condition . Arguably, Shimano has been the top producer of spinning reels for a very long time. ADD TO CART. It's usually the first thing to break in inexpensive reels. Wipe. Replacing this gear you would need a screwdriver to remove the side plate. PENN Rival Level Wind Conventional Reels. So, let’s go ahead and find out the simple ways to repair your fishing reel by yourself. You will now find a nut attached to the reel. Product Details. Fishing reels can get pretty filthy after repeated use. We specialize in Shimano, Daiwa and Abu-Garcia reels. This catalog contains mostly older parts. • Care and Lubrication - Your new Shakespeare spinning reel is designed to provide years of . REEL GREASE. This reel is a 2052 DC. It is also recommended to occasionally disassemble the reel completely to clean and lube the worm gear, which keeps the mechanics of the part functioning properly. Is your model not on the list? Dave’s Reel Service is your source for repair since 1987. It works perfectly. These Micro Series Spinning Rods are the best value in the ultra-light/light market. A clean and good serviced drags are provides smooth operation while fishing. METHOD. Shakespeare's reels are suitable for saltwater fishing and spinning. Plus some extra info about basic function and different versions. 2020 Shakespeare fishing reels are popular among both newbies and experienced fishers however it has some tiny defects. Results 1 - 16 of 445 shakespeare spinning reel parts, Shakespeare & Pflueger Parts. Each reel we receive will be completely disassembled. If this is not the manual you want, please contact us. This is one of those closed-face spincast reels that hang underneath the rod. Most all fishing reels made to be used with spinning rods will allow you to switch the reel handle side. Favorite Lake or River Moved to SC and like to fish Lake Hartwell. In my opinion most anglers use spinning reels, so the instructions from this point on will be concerned with this type of reel. Line capacity is 250 yds of 20# down to 450 yds of 12#. We service over 1,000 reels a year. Open and close the bail several times to work in the oil. If that doesn't work the anti reverse is probably broken. Shakespeare Crusader™ Spinning Combo Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Fishing Reel Maintenance and Upgrades, Reel repair, Reel tuning. Cut off any orphan fishing line that's hanging there, and take it apart to make sure non is wrapped up inside. The all new Ugly Stik reels are made for anglers demanding durability out of their gear. Originally published March 2011. Despite the fact many of today’s reels come equipped with adequate enough components to get our casting and retrieving It only takes 2mins to make your reel feel brand new! Watch HOW in the video below 👇 👇. If you would like to view a schematic in a larger window, just click on the "Click for Schematics" button. This is one of the most important parts of the reel to keep clean since the line touches your reel under lots of tension here and any debris or lack of mobility in the roller can cause your line to break. Then, use a good quality lubricant that contains “corrosion inhibitors” and apply a light coating on the reel. L 241. Having a spinning reel at your disposal can be a huge asset on the water this fishing season. Clean those spinning reels "too" and have fewer problems with any spinning reel from very cheap models all the way up to the Shimano Stella! Cleaning your spinning reel can be done quite easy but some people like to have professionals do the work for them especially if they aren't comfortable As the weather begins to warm up and fishing season approaches, it's time for every angler to start getting their gear organized. Manuals for Shakespeare Fishing Reels. 99 Get Fast, Free Shipping with Amazon Prime & FREE Returns. This guide presents you with a streamlined way how to clean a spinning reel that applies to both saltwater and freshwater angling. For all the beginners out there, here are some of the best cleaning tips that will enhance your fishing reel cleaning experience effortlessly. Take the bristle brush and clean off anything that you Regardless of the type of drag system, do not forget to clean the spool. Casting reels I disassemble once a year. If you don’t, the spool will over spin and create what we call a ‘bird nest’ (tangled fishing line on the spool). It listed for $45 - $50 in that time frame. Cleaning your spinning reel after every major fishing trip can prolong the life of your spinning reel. The handle normally is removed in one of 2 ways. Thoroughly wipe the reel completely free of any crystallised salt and dried water marks. Wipe Down. Dave’s Reel Service is your source for repair since 1987. 13+1BB 2000 Series weight:328g ,Line capacity (mm/m):0. 2. But keeping everything clean is a sure way to prevent an early visit to the repair shop. Use a paper towel to remove any dirt and moisture, then clean out the spool with a cotton swab. It works fine, and allows me to not quite totally disassemble the reel. Posted September 22. 25/140. This prevents the line from unraveling and creating a bird’s nest on your workbench. A small handful of custom-made 10/0 size reels and one 14/0 size reel were made for Shakespeare executives for big game shark fishing off the coast of Africa. Shakespeare fishing reels have a reputation for durability and reliability; but like any machine with moving parts, things can go wrong. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. If you decide to clean your own then you should have a diagram of the reel when you do it. With over 20 years experience I can repair ANY make or model including vintage reels. wear some eye protection in case that big rewind spring gets away on you. If the parts seem intact, apply a small amount of reel lubricant to the gear and reassemble the reel. Vintage Shakespeare 2062 NL-2 6 "D" Drag Model EF Spinning Reel - Extra Clean! The interchangeable retrieve allows right and left-handed anglers the ability to fish in natural comfort. Disassembling the reel is not much more complicated than using it for fishing. Then, we reinspect the clean parts, start greasing, oiling the reel and change parts if needed. Run the line through the guides on the rod to the reel with the bail open and tie it tightly to the spool. 99 *. The housing removes in seconds and the internal gear mechanism can be separated into its component Always do some type of cleaning to your reels after fishing in salt water whether it be a hose or a towel like I show in the video. Then open the bail arm, and put the spool back in place. In 1896, in the city of Kalamazoo (Michigan, USA), the 27-year-old fisherman William Shakespeare developed a completely new fishing reel in design and functional characteristics and on October 5, 1897, received his first patent for his invention, which can be safely called the progenitor of modern fishing reels. 2 Freshwater Usage. Either by removing Spinning reels I send in. SHAKESPEARE Fishing 22 results Sort Recommended By Us Avg. Part Number: 1191017. Another option would be getting it done prefessionaly, most reel shops only charge about $10-20 and you will know its done right. Put the spool of line on the floor, label up. 3 Items Needed For Cleaning a Spinning Reel. Use cotton swabs to remove grime from crevices, and apply a few Reel cleaning is very important after fishing the salt. i do oil and clean level wind after each trip and also spool bearings about once a week. 2018 He is holding a fiberglass surf rod with Perfection wire guides and Neocork grips. If possible, wash reels with warm, soapy, fresh water to remove salt, body oils, blood, and dirt. Quality fishing reel repair and service is what we do. Shakespeare Contender® Big Water Spinning Reel From $29. Shakespeare® Alpha Spinning Reels come pre-spooled  Espere más de este Shakespeare Alpha Spinning Reel. The next thing you want to do is pull the side plate off and put a drop on the bearing and a drop in the center where the shaft goes in. The reel is designed with an aluminum body that is rigid and dependable without adding any unnecessary bulk. Here are a couple of quick steps to maintain your spinning reel. 2 abr. Shakespeare fishing reels tend to be categorized into two types: trolling (fly reels) and bait casting  Shop for Shakespeare Spinning Reels in Fishing Reels at Walmart and save. Clean off excess oil, grease, salt deposits or debris. Use a clean rag and wipe off the exterior. My PB: Between 7-8 lbs. Tighten the drags on all the reels you are wanting to clean. To make it clear, a spinning rod is a fishing rod with guides that get bigger in diameter as they approach the reel. It Vintage Shakespeare 2062 Spinning Reel. 2020 5. Your effort of scrupulously scrubbing each part will pay off big time when your reel casts as good as new. Step #6: Clean and lubricate the roller on your bail. Periodically use a light machine oil to lubricate the line roller, the main shaft where it comes out of the reel, and all moving parts of the bail and handle. Fishing reel parts from almost every manufacturer, all available in one place! Be sure to use the Schematics to find the part numbers you require, then search for them right above. If the spinning reel cranks smoothly, everything is Product DetailsThe Shakespeare Ugly Stik Ugly Tuff Spinning Reel is built to handle it all! Reliable, durable, and made to last, the Ugly Stick Reel is perfect for any angler looking for a reel with some strength. The problem is that the line does not wind evenly across the spool. This is a hidden zone that water may not reach when we wash the reel. 3. Disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled, except for this one part. 5% positive. If it’s a spinning reel, It’s also recommended to remove the spool in order to clean the interior spindle area. Not sure what type of information you're looking for, so please ask if I've missed anything. Lastly, enjoy the amazing fishing experience with your perfected Shakespeare reel. Fixed-spool or spinning reels were first invented and used in Europe in the 1930s. This is a genuine OEM sourced replacement gear designed for use with reels. Answer (1 of 6): Shakespeare rods are generally toward the lower end of the price range but offer decent performance. How to Disassemble and Clean Reels By Jason Sealock • Dec 23, 2013 Jason walks you through disassembling and cleaning and lubricating your used low-profile bait caster fishing reels. Now remove the handle of the spinning reel. Spinning This “open-face reel” mounts under the rod. Fishing Reel, Tolling Motor and Downrigger Schematics Whiting Whippa Combo. Remove the old line down to the spool core, then clip the knot tying the line to the spool with a pocketknife or wire clippers. Prepare Cleaning. We disassemble your reel and inspect all parts for damages or excessive wear that may be causing issues or may cause in the future. It is higher toward the front of the spool. Spray or soak gears and other parts in a cleaning solution. I don't do spinning. If it's a spinning reel, remove the drag cap and the spool. The precision-cut main gear further facilitates the reel’s ability to spin-up buttery. 2021 How do you clean a spinning reel? · Spray your reel with a mist of water, and wipe off any dirt and salt deposits on the surface with a paper  How to maintain a spincast fishing reel In this video I ll take apart a basic Shakespeare for How to Clean your Spinning Reel after your Fishing Trip! 10 ago. By Kidkarma115, 3 years ago on Shakespeare Rods & Reels. Paw damage Homepage for Badger Reel Repair. C $11. WAS: $69. Main Gear. Step 5: Access the reel gears. It stands 1 3/4" high, outside plate diameter is 1 5/8", the reel foot is 2 11/16" long. You spent some good coin on that Hatch 7 or Nautilus X so let’s make sure it lasts! After everyday fishing the salt, be sure to spray down your reel with some fresh water. Auction is for a real clean looking Shakespeare 2062 Spinning reel. I was cleaning my old Shakespeare open face reel and the bail arm was plastic Fishing Reel Cleaning. Unscrew the dust cap on the right side of the spinning reel until it comes out. However, it does look as though I have enough good parts between two or three reels of the same model to get one good reel in a couple of instances. Fishing Reel Maintenance and Upgrades, Reel repair, Reel tuning. Graphite construction for a lighter more sensitive rodStainless steel guides with stainless steel insertsCork handlesHook keeperWarning 265. Insert the reel and allow it to soak for 10 minutes, and then rinse again with warm water to remove remaining contaminants. Step 2 Dry Clean. Picked up a Shakespeare 1725 Spin Wondereel the other day in really nice condition. Inside Closed Faced Spinning Reels: Shown below is the above Shakespeare 1766 reel disassembled. Some. Attached is a Centaure French-made spinning reel that is  30 dic. If you need a quicker turn around let me know and I can usually accommodate. They have a huge amount of online schematics as well! Reel cleaning and lubrication kit – Your reels are probably the most expensive piece of fishing gear you own, and the most crucial for catching fish. Remove the handle, wipe its metal parts clean with your saturated rag, and give it fresh lubrication as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. take out screw on spring cover,pull the cover out just enough to disengage from the flated end of the center shaft. As such, all the newer parts will be listed in one section under Ambassadeur Parts. It's also great for the angler looking for a combo that's easy to stow when traveling. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Crappie USC25 00 (314k). and always deep clean them in winter . This frees the spooled line. I like to use a double uni knot here (5 turns with the mono and 10 turns with the braid). If you want to keep your fishing reel well-maintained, then do a thorough cleaning. You can do this yourself with simple reels, but complex reels may require professional cleaning. Then use the rag to wipe down the undersides of both, because a lot of  Shakespeare tidewater reel t20lo shakespeare spinning reel parts diagram clean and maintain a fishing reel shimano spinning reel manualShakespeare Spincast  29 jun. This adds an extra step. Clean and Oil the Spool:Unscrew and remove drag knob, then remove the spool from the reel body, and apply cleaning solvent to drag knob, insides of the spool and exposed areas. William patents the level-wind reel and his new design was superior to anything on the market. Wipe the entire reel down with a multi-purpose oil such as WD-40. Step by step directions & pictures. now get some fingers in there and keep that spring in the When your reel has been put into the fish’s habitat, you will have to open that reel up for some deep cleaning. This reel had not been used for 40 years and has probably never been apart. If you take the hour or so to clean your fishing reel before the start of the fishing season, it will add year's to the life of the reel. You want to unroll it completely so you can see where all of the salt build up and other grime is. 2/200 0. In particular, here’s how to clean a spinning reel: Remove the skirted spool (and drag knob, if necessary), and clean the underside of the spool and the spindle area. Carefully inspect the gears and moving parts for any damage or breakage. Either remove them one at a time and lay them out in order, or remove them all together in a stack and clean them one at a time. Product details: Ball Bearings: 13+1BB, Gear ratio: 5. Beach Patrola Combo. Since reel parts may be coated with any number of greases or oils, which may have hardened or become very dirty over time, it may be necessary to use organic solvents to remove such contaminants. UPDATED 29 JANUARY 2021. A friend on another forum will be helping me with another model (Mitchell 302) but the model I can go to work on right away is an Alpha 2580, made by Shakespeare maybe 10 (?) years ago. However, resist the temptation to open the spinning reel and mess with the gears or bearings. Shakespeare 125 Pro-Am Spinning Reel Parts. "For heavy cleaning, I use Crystal Simple Green cleaner," Thornburn said. There are no markings, inside or out. I own 3 Lews Tournament MB reels, I clean one and it fine, finish the 2nd one and now the drag doesn’t click. 2015 Here are the 10 most common spinning and baitcaster reel performance problems and how to fix them. To hold the reel properly when it’s not mounted on the rod, wrap the fingers of your casting hand around the mounting bar and let the reel hang from that hand while reeling with your other hand. Lastly, put your side plate back on and you are good to go. to secure the line to the spool. To ensure that you don’t have a stuck fishing line, first, check the reel’s reverse switch. Model. Remove the reel mechanism from the back of the reel housing. 99 Shakespeare Alpha® Spinning Reel When cleaning ANY fishing reel, make sure you always put a strainer cup in your sink, so nothing falls down the drain. One: Layout. From the numerous forums questions, I notice that this seems like another common issue faced by many. Preparation for drag washer cleaning. Unscrew the handle by removing the screw through the center and set aside these parts. After a while, no amount of cleaning will keep a reel from needing some professional help. Thank you for choosing a new Shakespeare product. When cleaning a fishing reel, start by removing the line spool. Homepage for Badger Reel Repair. 7: Spinning Reel Locking Issue. Welcome to our new schematics section. Reel cleaning/repair starts at $15. SKU 8403353 - Make the Shakespeare Alpha reel the first choice on your next outing. WAS: $79. Although may be for a slightly different model as the reel itself states"2062 EB" Reel itself is in great looking shape. I re-grease with Abu precision grease and oil with either TSI321 or Lucas reel oil. Scrub gears and other parts with a toothbrush. We recommend using products designed for fishing reels. that could be a few days a week or a few times a month depends on the water . Has a small pushbutton in the rear of the body to release the line. This video shows how to maintain or repair a Shakespeare Aplha deep sea fiishing reel. Now when you close the bail arm, the line will run under it, and you’ll be able to retrieve the line by turning the handle. I have a n 1837 Shakespeare automatic fly reel. Before you get into the cleaning process, lay out a clean towel so you can set everything out in front of you. It is a step by step take apart that shows the reels features and fun What can I do to keep my reel clean and make it last longer? This video describes a few techniques you can go by to extend the life of your reel and make it i made this video to help u step by step understand how to take your reel apart and clean it! if u have any questions just ask! thanks Regarding the fact, we’ll help you acknowledge its minor issues and how you can easily fix your Shakespeare fishing reel. A run of ten years. Thanks to anticorrosive material you will You can easily clean the reel after use. Periodical care is about maintaining the smooth reliable operation of the reel, reducing wear, as well as protecting it from corrosion. clean shakespear tiger tsp50a reel were is the screw that allows the reel to be oiled - Shakespeare Agility Spinning Reels question. 5% positive Seller 99. 2:1. We apologize, but we can no longer sell or ship to CA as a result of PROP 65. You'll want to have a couple toothpicks on hand, as well as Q-tips, a small clean rag and reel grease. Location Chesnee SC. Its a little frustrating to say the least. STEP 1: Check the Reel’s Reverse Switch. It will also save you some money in the long run and keep that longevity of that reel going. Let’s get down to it. Wipe each part clean with cotton swabs or soft cloths. 38. Finally, in the fish’s mouth is a Junior Atom. Quick Fix: How to Replace the Pump on a Newer Style Coleman Lantern. A reel is an essential tool that enables fishing because it holds the hook and line that lure the fish to the bait. These simple tools are readily available at hardware. Any oil, like WD-40, will help prevent corrosion and keep things working smooth but a complete cleaning kit is the way to go. Shimano Stradic FL 2500HG. 4 First Clean the Outside of the Spinning Reel. Remove the metal spool cover by extracting the screw through the center. Step 5: Reel the braid onto your spool just like you did with the mono backing. A vintage metal-bodied Shakespeare 2062 DD spinning reel. Fishing reels can get pretty filthy after repeated use. Schematics. While you may think that your spinning reel is already clean after fishing, it isn’t. Shakespeare spincasting fishing reels are closed-face reels with a simple push-button operation to make casting the line virtually foolproof. The Shakespeare Tidewater Levelwind Reel is a great level wind reel at an economical price. This reel is built for salt water use with the corrosion resistant stainless steel pinion gear, levelwind and reel foot. Ugly Stik® toughness and dependability in a new line of spinning reels. Remove the reel from the fishing rod, and wash down the foot of the reel (the section that mounts to the reel seat on the rod). Below you can find all models Shakespeare Fishing Reels for which we have manuals available. Spinning rods should be held with the guides hanging below the rod, towards the ground. This is especially true if you’re not handy when it comes to fishing gear. It wouldn't be worth fixing in that reel. 2 Cleaning of Parts. Bream Battla Combo. As a reel mechanic, I'm pretty careful with reels, 'specially ones like this. I always keep my work place neat by placing any parts cleaned on a clean rag, and all other on my dirty rag. Don't loosen the drags yet and don't use a lot of water pressure, either, to prevent forcing  Results 1 - 16 of 445 Ereplacementparts. Shakespeare advises that this reel be Shakespeare advises that this reel be oiled completely at least once a day while fishing. Shakespeare reel mounted on a rod. Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo. Pocket knife or line clippers. Mail your reel to me or drop it off at three locations in Southeast Wisconsin. 5 Rod & Reel Cleaning Mistakes (That You’re Probably Making) Mistake #1: Not cleaning your rods and reels at all Some people don’t clean their rods and reels at all and when they do that, saltwater is sitting on them (and possibly in them) and will eventually start to corrode your gear. easiest reel to use. Anglers have to remove the spools of their spinning reels for a variety of reasons, including to clean them or to remove knots or loops in the line. Regardless of brands or age of the spinning reel, many people were unable to lock their spinning reel. Wipe the debris off the threads of the reel handle. that bein said i havent cleaned a few of my round reels in yrs . Here is the quick guide how to clean your reel drag washers. Assemble the proper tools. 2012 I have a Shakespeare spinning reel that makes a terrible grinding Clean all of the crap out and grease the gears and reinstall cover. Following the gentle bath, wipe down your reels with a dry paper towel or cotton cloth. The Autocrat was also the most expensive reel Shakespeare ever produced. Unlike some people, I use spray solvent (contact cleaner) as de-greaser. Reel the line until the spool is full. You can clean a reel with a degreaser like WD-40, but it leaves a film when it dries that needs to be washed off with soapy water.